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28 01 19

What’s the Best Type of Water to Drink?

Water that is supplied to your body must be, above all, biologically clean water. This is not the same concept as chemically pure water. Our body must receive 2 – 2.5 liters of water every day. However, water is not a source of nutrients for our body. Moreover, the amount of minerals contained in water is not very important for our electrolyte balance either (except for medicinal waters that can only be drunk under doctor’s supervision). That is why, for everyone, regardless of their age, the most beneficial is the consumption of biologically pure water, natural with low or medium mineralisation.

Classification of packaged waters according to the degree of mineralisation (total content of dissolved components):

  • very low mineral content: < 50 mg/l
  • low mineral content: > 50 –500 mg/l
  • medium mineral content: > 500 –1500 mg/l
  • high mineral content: > 1500 mg/l