Kinga Pienińska Horeca should be always treated as an element of a well-composed menu.

Gourmets and hydrosommeliers admit that the taste of water, which often results from its origin, can interestingly highlight the composition of main dishes or become a good introduction to dessert tasting.


The taste of water

The art of tasting and serving water is rightly compared to the art of choosing the right wine for food. That is why, water served in good restaurants has ceased to be an indifferent position in the menu.


Water Information Card

More and more restaurateurs observe that consumers are interested in the brand of water served with meals. They no longer choose between still and sparkling water.

This knowledge has become an inspiration for creating the first Water Information Card in Poland, which is the carrier of information about the characteristics, taste and origin of Kinga Pienińska.


We are appreciated

The mineral water from the Pieniny Mountains is appreciated by such prestigious hotels and restaurants as hotel chain