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Kinga Pienińska
for Kids

Water created for the youngest consumers and their social aware parents.


About the water

Still mineral water premium class
with over 100 years of tradition

Our children have a different demand for water,
which can be up to four times higher than for adults
(per kilogram of body weight).

Available capacities:

  • Butelka plastikowa 0,33 l.


Get to know the minerals which
Kinga Pienińska for Kids hides

  • calcium [Ca2+] 81,32
  • bicarbonates [HCO3–] 372,21
  • magnesium [Mg2+] 20,94
  • sulfates [SO42–] 19,90
  • sodium [Na+] 14,06
  • chlorides [Cl–] 7,09
  • potassium [K+] 2,20
  • fluorides [F–] 0,05
  • silica [SiO2] 10,6
  • The sum of minerals [mg/l] 537