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Interesting facts

General water resources on earth

Water occupies 72% of our planet’s surface. Water resources in the world are primarily open reservoirs covering the surface of the Earth. Among them, there are oceans, seas, lakes, rivers…

What’s the Best Type of Water to Drink?

Water that is supplied to your body must be, above all, biologically clean water. This is not the same concept as chemically pure water. Our body must receive 2 –…

Water in your organism

Water constitutes 60-70% of the human body, 75% of the child’s body and above 80% of the newborn’s body. What is more: it is the main environment where all metabolic…

The legend of Saint Kinga

When a Hungarian princess Kinga was a little girl, she dreamt about everything that little girls dream about …. to become a princess, to marry a handsome prince, to have the world…

How much water should a healthy person drink a day?

Starting from a simple recalculation, that a healthy person staying under normal conditions loses from 25 to 50 ml of water per hour, it is easy to calculate the recommended…

What is the original purity of natural water?

It lacks any chemical substances – mineral or organic, as well as microorganisms whose origin is not related to the local geological environment in which the exploited underground water resources…

Is water a source of nutrients?

No, and the amount of minerals contained in the water is of no great importance to our electrolyte balance. The only exception is healing waters, which can only be drunk…

What is the difference between natural mineral water and spring water? 

Both are groundwater, originally clean chemically and microbiologically. Although mineral water is characterized by a stable mineral composition and properties of physiological significance. That is, those that have a beneficial…

Why do Poles drink much less bottled water than Europeans, especially southern and western Europeans?

Due to the tradition and eating habits, climatic conditions, but also insufficient health education. Research indicates that young people with medium or higher education leading so-called fashionable lifestyle and people…

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