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Kinga Pienińska Still
Green Bottle

It adds flavour to served dishes. Suitable for those who are after classic elegance.

Its mild and unique taste has been crowned Superior Taste Award 2017 with three golden stars.


About the water

Still mineral water
premium class with over 100 years of tradition

The high quality of Kinga Pienińska is confirmed by its origin from the Pieniny Mountains and numerous awards.

Available capacities:

  • Butelka szklana 0,33 l.
  • Butelka szklana 0,7 l.


Get to know the minerals which
Kinga Pienińska Still hides

  • calcium [Ca2+] 81,32
  • bicarbonates [HCO3-] 372,21
  • magnesium [Mg2+] 20,94
  • sulfates [SO42-] 19,90
  • sodium [Na+] 14,06
  • chlorides [Cl–] 7,09
  • potassium [K+] 2,20
  • fluorides [F–] 0,05
  • silica [SiO2] 10,6
  • The sum of minerals [mg/l] 537