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Kinga Pienińska Sparkling
Green Bottle

Appreciated for the distinctive taste of minerals and delicate contents of refreshing carbonation.
Water that is suitable for those who are after strong tastes. Very refreshing – perfect to quench your thirst on a really hot day.


About the water

Sparkling mineral water
premium class with over 100 years of tradition

Naturally filtered through the Pieniny mountain ranges. It constitutes a perfect complement to the most sophisticated dishes.

Available capacities:

  • Butelka plastikowa 0,5 l.
  • Butelka plastikowa 1,5 l.


Get to know the minerals which
Kinga Pienińska Sparkling hides

  • calcium [Ca2+] 81,32
  • bicarbonates [HCO3-] 372,21
  • magnesium [Mg2+] 20,94
  • sulfates [SO42-] 19,90
  • sodium [Na+] 14,06
  • chlorides [Cl–] 7,09
  • potassium [K+] 2,20
  • fluorides [F–] 0,05
  • silica [SiO2] 10,6
  • The sum of minerals [mg/l] 537