This is Kinga Pienińska

Premium natural mineral water
With over 100 years of tradition.

It is drawn straight from the springs located in the Pieniny National Park,
within one of the cleanest mountains in Europe whose geological
structure acts like a natural filter.
Kinga Pienińska comes straight from the subterranean springs to bottle
retaining all natural qualities


Superior Taste Award 2017

As a result of its average mineralisation, composition and low-sodium content our water is suitable for everyone regardless of their health or age. It is distinguished by a clear and refreshing mountain taste, for which it received Superior Taste Award 2017 with three golden stars

This unique prize is awarded by the International Taste & Quality Institute based in Brussels. It associates independent chefs and sommeliers who are opinion leaders when it comes to taste.

Kinga Pienińska wyróżniona

Superior taste AWARD

The prize was awarded by a very prestigious International Institute of Taste and Quality based in Brussels (iTQi) International Taste & Quality Institute, associating independent chefs and sommeliers, for the high quality and exquisite taste of natural mineral water Kinga Pienińska.

Golden Emblem Award
in the Top Quality competition

The emblem was awarded during the 6th edition of the largest quality competition in Poland under the patronage of the Ministry of Regional Development, the Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
The emblem was awarded for the special attention to the highest quality, guaranteeing customers the best quality.

Doceń polskie
(Appreciate Polish)

During the fourth edition of this promotional program, our natural mineral water Kinga Pienińska was granted a certificate „Doceń polskie” (Appreciate Polish) and the title of TOP PRODUCT for its quality and taste characteristics.

Dobra marka 2010 (Good brand)

A certificate awarded for the highest fulfilment of three criteria: Quality – Trust – Reputation.

The Best in Poland

An emblem awarded in the consumer quality competition. Kinga Pienińska is the first mineral water in Poland to receive this distinction.

Laur Konsumenta 2006
(the Consumer's Laurel competition 2006)

An award granted in a nationwide consumer project aimed at selecting the most popular products and brands in several hundred categories

The quality of 2006

An award granted in a program organized by the editorial staff of Biznes Raport in Dziennik Gazeta Prawna in substantive cooperation with the Polish Research and Certification Centre S.A.

the Consumer's Laurel competition

Grand Prix Consumer Laurel is a special prize awarded to brands that have been awarded the leading position in the plebiscite for three years in a row. For customers it is a confirmation of public trust in the awarded product.


Natural water drawn straight
from the Pieniny springs

The legal protection of the national park, covering almost the entire Pieniny, guarantees that it is a truly ecological enclave of Europe.
This is where our natural mineral water Kinga Pienińska originates.

Pieniny, get to know them better

Kinga Pienińska – What kind of water is it?


It comes from subterranean springs that
are well insulated from external contaminants.
The geological structures formed centuries
ago protect it, acting like a natural filter.

This ensures its original purity when it comes
to its chemical and microbiological features.

Medium mineral content

With its medium mineralisation
and balanced composition of magnesium
potassium and calcium, you can drink this water
without any restrictions.

Original purity

Untreated, originally pure, natural (bottled directly at the spring’s location, subjected
only to the microbiological control regime). A unique feature when it comes to bottled waters
available on the market. Many waters are not suitable for direct bottling due to the content
of undesirable components, e.g. iron or hydrogen sulfide and, therefore, they must be subjected
to deironing or ozonizing processes. Kinga Pienińska does not require such processes.
It is poured straight into bottles from its deep underground springs in a pure form,
as created by nature.


Award-winning taste

Superior Taste Award 2023 with three golden stars is a distinction awarded by The International
Institute of Taste and Quality in Brussels, which Kinga Pienińska received thanks to its unique
refreshing taste. It perfectly complements and emphasizes the taste of dishes served in appreciated
and prestigious hotels and restaurants around the world.


Healthy and good for your heart. Recommended by prof. Dziadkowiak from
Clinic of Cardiac Surgery in Cracow.


The only natural mineral water from
the Pieniny and Podhale region, belonging
to the cleanest mountains of Europe.
It is drawn from springs located in the buffer
zone of the Pieniny National Park. The tradition
of bottling mineral waters from this region
dates back to 1849.

Water that is always
by my side